September 1st

I’ve decided to split this week’s book review into three concise parts on account of the fact that I have been getting sicker since Sunday (when my symptoms first showed).  What started out as a sore throat turned into sneezing, massive congestion in the form of a runny nose, a major sinus headache, and a fever.  It seems to be finally receding, but this common cold or flu or sinusitis is somehow getting worse on and off all this week.  The fate of my illness is still uncertain.  Therefore, my 104th article will be published today on the Examiner, which is still in the midst of upgrades and technical problems. 

I am halfway through Eclipse, the longest volume in the Twilight series so far.  I’ve also come up with a list of books I can review in the near future, books that I have read before and books I will read for the first time.  There are so many books I have read, but even more books that I have not read.  I am having a very difficult time convincing my student (whom I’m tutoring) that reading is exciting; I have to emphasize that literature is the best and that writing, i.e. written language, is so vital to the human race as well as being one of the greatest tools to have.  Literature itself is the foundation of different subjects, especially the cinema, for where would we be without stories?  I like movies myself, but books are even better.  You can read the characters’ thoughts, visualize actions and emotions differently than a film’s one take on a situation, etc.  Books take more effort to imagine than films, since with the latter everything is already imagined for you.  But books…reading books reaps greater rewards than any film or series could ever give. 🙂  Now, if only I could convince my student to see things the way I do… 😉

Natalie Gorna