August 18th

Well, my last blog entry clearly expressed my anger.  Now, I have some good news to share, as well as some expected news.  I am publishing my 98th article on the Examiner today, and by the end of this week I will have published 100 articles in total since my start with the Examiner!  🙂  My tutoring job got off on a good start, or so I think.  Tutoring is going to be an interesting challenge for me…I’m excited about it.  I finished the rough draft of the document for my client, and I hope we can proceed to the next step of our business transaction.  The Examiner is still upgrading their website, but I must say that I am impatient to see the upgrade completed and the PubTool’s (publishing tool) upgrade as well.  Okay, that’s all the news, but maybe it will get better, or perhaps worse… 😦  You never know with fate. 😉

Natalie Gorna