Today marks several “events”

I am not only publishing my 97th article today the Examiner, but I also finished New Moon by Stephenie Meyer!  I finished reading several of the other books I mentioned in my most recent blog entries…I watched the film Sherlock Holmes (the most recent movie starring Robert Downey Jr.) yesterday…the most exasperating event of all was the Examiner website’s upgrade.  All my articles/reviews have been “transformed” into new graphic versions…meaning that there are some technical problems, mainly the formatting of the photos, my page, etc.  So…my articles take almost a day to show up on the Examiner after they are published by yours truly, which irks me a lot.  It means that Facebook, my blog, and myself included are deprived of reading, editing, and printing a copy of the article in question.  Wish me luck with today’s venture…

Natalie Gorna

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