August 11th

I am finally publishing my first article for this week today on the Examiner, and as my 95th article (hooray!), I think it is time I leapt out of my writer’s block.  I finished reading Wings by E.D. Baker, and now I can proudly say that I have read all the books that E.D. Baker has written so far.  Also, I am so close to finishing New Moon, and I re-read The Runaway Princess by Kate Coombs, which I mentioned in a former review but now I am going to review this novel and its sequel, The Runaway Dragon (which I have yet to read), in this week’s or next week’s reviews.  All books have surprised me, and I have been in a reading “hypnosis” all week, reading all books simultaneously and enjoying one of the things in life that I love best: literature. 🙂  Maybe that’s why I’ve put up with the Examiner for so long…writing and reading go hand in hand.  And now with my new position as a tutor…well, I’m trying to be diverse. 😛

Natalie Gorna

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