The heat continues…

Fresno’s daily weather is comparable to an oven—very hot and so unbearable that you want to immediately turn it off.  Unfortunately, weather is not controllable.  But it is a pain in the neck to two nomads like me and my mom, especially since we are homeless not by choice.  Sitting outside in such weather is like experiencing your own execution. 

Nevertheless, I finally managed to publish my first article for this week—my 86th in total—on the Examiner today.  I feel better now that I’ve settled my differences with Lynn Cullen about The Creation of Eve.  She is not angry with me about my opinions, and I still love her novel I Am Rembrandt’s Daughter.  She still offered to link my review of I Am Rembrandt’s Daughter on the Examiner to her website, and I proudly accepted.  Okay, I was happy to accept.  I like her writing style, and I admire her as an author.  Just because I didn’t like The Creation of Eve does not mean that I do not like Ms. Cullen’s writing altogether.  No way.  If you are confused about my earlier “history” with Lynn Cullen’s writing, you can easily see the story on my blog by going to my tag cloud on the sidebar and clicking on “The Creation of Eve” tag. 

So, I am now looking forward to reviewing Kate Cary’s Bloodline novels, and I was happy to receive a response from Ms. Cary that she will read my two reviews when they are published.  Well, despite everything, I am watching new films, reading new novels, and listening to new music, all while trying to survive my despair in my situation.

Natalie Gorna