Another migraine…

I was awakened by another torturous migraine at five in the morning today.  My head was throbbing with pain, and I only prayed that the vomiting and nausea would come quickly, as these symptoms usually are a sign of the end of my suffering.  I can’t describe how sick and fatigued I felt…this may sound…unpleasant…but I finally vomited several times, and the nausea slowly passed away, even though it took a long time.  How am I going to write my article tomorrow?  I am supposed to review Twilight.  Yes, I have only the epilogue to read now, and I can already begin my review, when and if I’m ready for it.  😮  I can only think of the Bloodline series by Kate Cary; I recently checked out Bloodline Book Two: Reckoning from the library.  I have read the two books in the series countless times, and I really like them, despite their mild sexual content.  I am impatiently waiting for Kate Cary to write a third and final volume in the series, but since her last novel was published in 2007, I may have to wait a very long time (or indefinitely).  Anyway…I am still recovering from my migraine and that overwhelming nausea.  I watched Dirty Dancing…it’s a great movie!  I really like it.  Okay, enough of my sour enthusiasm…

Natalie Gorna

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