Friends of a feather

Geese and goslings together ~ photo by Jason Pratt


My mom and I have made friends with a large group of geese that seem to be living permanently inside a gated reservoir.  As can be imagined, there is a lack of natural food and water due to the drought; the geese give the impression that they are actually starving as they hungrily consume pieces of bread, cereal, and crackers that we throw over the fence to them.  There are three juvenile geese among the many adults—three goslings, to be exact.  They eagerly chirp when they waddle towards us, expecting the soft morsels of bread that we throw to them.   They are very fuzzy…very adorable, for lack of a better, more descriptive word.  We like to stand there and watch them…their parents and the rest of the flock are so graceful.  The whole flock recognizes us when we come…it’s entertaining to watch as this crowd of birds swim and fly when we start distributing food.  Ducks also join their fellow birds, but they have to be careful and dodge the geese’s insolent nips when they are in the way.  It looks like we have made some friends…at least someone is happy to see us when we come.  Especially those three little geese. 🙂 

Natalie Gorna