One year “anniversary”

Today marks one year since my mom and I became homeless.  I’d rather not go into the details of how that happened…it happened.  Period.  We have tried everything we could to change our situation…we have tried very, very hard.  But here we are.  And nothing has changed.  It’s sad, but true.  Actually, things have gotten worse over the past year, despite everything.  It is very depressing…to be in an abyss, and be not able to get out.  To feel like you’re constantly screaming in pain…to feel helpless.  To be terribly afraid.  To know…that nothing seems to heal the wound…every time I cry, the wound is bursting open, threatening to overspill.  It’s trying to drown me in its overwhelming pain.  It’s the wound of a soul in torment.  A wound which can never be healed.  Even time won’t heal this wound…it’s too deep of a wound.  I don’t know what else to say…

Natalie Gorna

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