New music

I’ve had the chance to look at some new music on Grooveshark…it’s amazing how up-to-date that website’s collection is even though the site itself has some technical problems and some older, lesser known songs are not on Grooveshark at all.  Nevertheless, I found some recent music that I liked.  Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) by Muse is one song.  It may be a rock song, but it’s moving like Nickelback’s Gotta Be Somebody or Far Away.  I’m very, very picky about rock music…actually, any kind of music.  But this song by Muse…I like it.  I also explored the upcoming Twilight Saga film Eclipse…I mean, I listened to some of its score.  Jacob’s Theme by Howard Shore is excellent at voicing Jacob’s pain…the piano solo is beautiful and heart-breaking.  I know…those are hackneyed adjectives to describe any musical composition, but there it is.  🙂  I also found another “heart-breaking” score in the Twilight Saga film New Moon (which I watched, by the way)…it was a certain part by Alexandre Desplat.  And, of course, there were some other unrelated songs…I added some music by Carrie Underwood as well.

On the literary front…I am publishing my 74th article today on the Examiner.  My next article will be a review of E.D. Baker’s latest novel, The Wide-Awake Princess.  That should be exciting. 🙂  Now, back to writing and listening to the music…

Natalie Gorna