Justice is gone

So…last Wednesday (June 2) in the morning, we (my mom and I) were in a public park.  And…we were accosted again by a damn “police officer”, who accused this time of not only doing drugs in the restroom but also in our own car.  Because someone (anonymous, of course) thought that we were doing that.  And guess what?  That someone wasn’t present to testify to the fact that he/she actually saw us doing drugs.  Accusations without evidence or testimony (And, OF COURSE, we were NOT doing drugs!  Can’t a person even go to the restroom…?)…this whole incident has been bothering me for a week since it happened…my mom told that bozo, who was threatening to arrest us without proof, to “go to hell.”  He left eventually, but not without harassing and threatening us some more.  I haven’t been able to write or focus on anything…I can only think about the possible scenarios if such an “event” were to occur again.  I wish…I wish many things, most of which…actually, all of which never, EVER come true.  They say you should be careful what you wish for…thank you, R.L. Stine (he wrote a horror book with that famous saying as the title)…well, I’m done being careful.  I guess I can safely say that I wish I were very, VERY rich.  Money can’t solve every problem, but it can solve most of your problems.  Even a poor person cannot deny that. 

On a literary note…I published my 68th article today on the Examiner, finally reviewing a favorite novel, The Little Prince.  And I am reading (slowly but surely) The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker and the famous bestseller Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.  Reviews will be coming sooner than you think… 😉

Natalie Gorna