May 29th

I am going to publish my 64th article on the Examiner today, and I am simultaneously completing the fifth part in my seven-part series of articles about Tales of the Frog Princess.  Whether or not anyone reads them is a question frequently perused by myself.  Ah, my bitterness continues…well, on a lighter note, I am currently watching Les Misérables (the musical).  I am not finished yet, but my favorite numbers so far are Look Down, At the End of the Day, and Master of the House.  I finished watching the complete Crusoe series—it’s very entertaining and I love the plot as well as the characters!  And Robinson Crusoe is so ingenious with his inventions!  And Friday is a polyglot, a warrior, and a loyal friend to Crusoe!  Even though some could argue that the friendship between Crusoe and Friday is “politically correct”, since in the novel Friday is actually Crusoe’s slave while in this series they are equals and “brothers” (a fact emphatically repeated by Crusoe to all whom he meets, whether friend or foe), “politically correct” does not equal “political reality.”  So I like the idea of equality in Crusoe as it is.  I guess it appeals to my idealistic side again.  🙂

Natalie Gorna