Chivalry: Requiescat in pace

It is evident from the historical romances written by Sir Walter Scott, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and other writers influenced by the events, customs and manners of the Middle Ages, that chivalry in all its forms, even the most inconspicuous, has been deceased for a long time.  I have seen as much from the behaviors of people around me, and pathetic attempts to resurrect that glorious era of manners and bearing in this present century disgust me.  First of all, chivalry should not be a disguised form of sexism.  For example, men still believe women to be the weaker sex, and we (my mother and I) have experienced this belief during a customary procedure of ours.  We check the pressure in our car’s tires regularly.  Since one tire has the oddest habit of slightly deflating from its preferred measurement, I have the occasion to use the air pump that can be found at any gas station (by the way, in California, if you buy gasoline for your car, you get a free round of the air and water pump).  😉 I am now used to being accosted by a total stranger (always a man) almost forcing upon us an impertinent question like “Do you need any help?”  Believe me, this frequent offer sounds anything but sincere, and sometimes it is repeated with a sneer by the person in question.  Just because I am female does not mean that I cannot have any knowledge or interest in auto mechanics (which I do).  Moreover, we are not ever waving our hands for help or having a car emergency like a flat tire to justify such an annoying question, nor do we appreciate this sense of false “chivalry” that some bozos take upon themselves to display.  What they are doing is simply blatant sexism.  I have come to respect the fact that chivalry is only resurrected for literature and other members of that society called “the humanities.”  This technological century has no place, it seems, for those dignified manners and that overwhelming notion of “honor”;  I think that people (especially mankind) should develop their humane feelings of compassion and honesty, as well as their moral values, instead of weakly patronizing some former strain of thought.  True humanity is still a mirage, even though the creatures that ought to represent it are visible.

Natalie Gorna

P.S. My 59th article on the Examiner is being published today, and I will celebrate here on my blog when my next (and 60th) article is published this week!