Third time’s the charm…or is it?

Well, what do you know…the Fresno and Clovis Police Departments are both trying to drive my mom and me to insanity.  But let me regress..on May 11th, at 3 a.m., we were in the midst of fitful slumbers when we were again awakened by rappings all over the car windows.  Another bloody “policeman” started interrogating us.  Ironically, he seemed to be alone, unlike last time, and he stated his reason for disturbing us—”he was checking vehicles, and the place that we were at was in his patrol.”  But the last “police officer” said that this area was in his patrol.  What the heck?!  The “interview” was short, but he ended it by remarking that he would be checking on us in the very near future, minus the interrogation. 

Just yesterday in the evening, while we were partaking in a park’s facilities, a “policeman” accosted us and asked us if we were doing drugs.  Because someone else thought so.  Of course, there were no names, no identification, just speculation and accusations.  I saw the nefarious couple responsible…well, we answered him in the negative, and he still looked like he wasn’t going to leave us alone without doing a search and seizure of ourselves and our car (which is against the Constitution).  But we left.  The point is that we are being singled out from everyone else for no legitimate reason.  For example, according to the Penal Code, loitering is a finable offense, but I never see any “policemen” fining the many loiterers in public parking lots.  What these bozos are doing to us is harassment, discrimination…and it makes my blood BOIL.

Natalie Gorna

P.S. My 58th article is being published today on the Examiner…Angels and Demons has this place of honor. 😀