Can the soul ever change?

It’s amazing how many pennies I’m finding these days on the ground, whether in parking lots or on store floors.  Is it a sign that my “back luck” is changing, or that I just happen to be in the right places at the right times to find lost pennies?  The latter is more probable, but I would like to imagine that the former is true.  🙂

I find myself dreaming more and more about role-playing in different time periods as different characters.  I talked about this before on my blog…I can imagine myself a slave in a royal household in Ancient Greece , saving my meager earnings to buy my freedom back and wreak revenge on the country that destroyed my own beloved land.  Okay, that story I conjured is a lot more complicated than the basic plot outlined here, with a touch of romance and a descriptive version of myself as the main character dressed in leggings, a long tunic, and equipped with an archery set and later, a sword.  I am a warrior (I have courage sadly lacking in my real life), a teacher (how that comes into the story I will not say), and a philosopher (it figures after reading Plato’s dialogues).  This daydream gets as complex or simple as I want it to be, depending on my mood, and sometimes I use the faces of people I’ve seen or I know for my characters (except myself, of course; I’m always the main character).  Some of my other daydreams are more realistic but still have different settings.  I usually leave fantasy out of my fantasies, despite my evident enjoyment of the genre in literature .  I include romance because…I’m a romantic who dreams of true love like every other romantic girl out there.  To some, it may sound silly and corny; to others, a natural and assumed addition to my thoughts.  I am an adult, but I am very young and perhaps foolish to believe in an idealistic concept like “true love.”  There is no perfect love; no truly loyal, infallible man is going to sweep me off my feet (I apologize for the cliché).  My cynical side knows this for a fact, but my idealistic/romantic side dwells deeply in my daydreams filled with romance and impossibilities; my romantic soul breathes them in like air for the lungs.  I am obviously doomed to be a cynic and romantic forever, always having my two distinct “natures” in a constant tug-of-war.

Natalie Gorna