It happened again?!

Well, the events that I narrated in my blog entry More tragedy in my life just repeated at almost 12 a.m. on April 21.  We found a quieter, more isolated sleeping spot, and before midnight we were awakened again by the rappings of a damn police officer.  This time I think there were four of them in total.  And I promise to make this long story short again…this time they accused us of being possible vandals instead of drug dealers like the last time.  First, this one bozo told us that it is against “municipal code” to sleep in your car on a public street  if you’re homeless, which is a load of B.S. because it is legal according to state law.  Then he made a speculation that we were possible vandals.  What a moron!  Our car was vandalized and no police officer was doing anything about that, but he was accusing us of a crime which had not happened.  The male who claimed to be a police officer (it was 12 a.m., he didn’t show us his ID, and he certainly didn’t introduce himself) was forced to listen to my mom recite a litany of all the wrongs the Fresno Police Department ever did to us, and apparently he gave up on his side of the argument.  So he sent his “sergeant” over to make a milder inquiry of our situation, whereupon they left us alone, at least for the time being.  Damn the Fresno Police Department!  They can’t leave us alone, can they?   That idiot also preached to us that if we “hate” Fresno, we can leave.  More excuses!  I have heard this policeman’s excuse many times from my enemies.  That will lead me now to quote a line from a favorite film, The Jungle Book: “it’s not the place…it’s the company.”  Oh well…I end this entry with a sigh and melancholic reflections.

Natalie Gorna