I may be a poet

I didn’t win that poetry contest that I entered so long ago in January 2010; I just discovered the results yesterday.  It is unfortunate…I was so depending on that prize money…oh, I am joking about that!  So my poem wasn’t good enough for the judges…it wasn’t “worthy” enough for them.  But how about my readers here?  Will someone have the courage to evaluate the same poem?  Yes, I am submitting a challenge…I challenge my readers to criticize the following poem:

With Wings of a Bird

by Natalie Gorna


I long to be a bird in flight,

And leave my soul behind.

To contemplate the golden skies,

To see beyond the mind.


A bird can reach a lofty throne,

Atop the highest tree.

It views the world in a single glance.

Oh, how I wish that I were free!


A quick escape from human life,

A stretch of wings, a simple lift,

This truly is the greatest gift.


If you wish to see who actually won that contest, here is the institution: The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living.  The hyperlink will lead you right to the contest page.  Of course, I have written other poetry in the past; therefore, I am not a novice poet.  But I like to think that I have some potential as far as poetry is concerned.  What do you think?  😉

Natalie Gorna 

2 thoughts on “I may be a poet

  1. ozymandiaz April 2, 2010 / 10:15

    I will tell you what I was told by a literary e-zine publisher back when I used to enter contests quite a bit
    lose the rhyme, lose the form.
    i was addicted to rhyme
    to me that was what poetry was.
    none the less I adhered to his advice (somewhat)
    truth be told
    I found it liberating
    I can’t honestly say it made MY poetry any better but escaping the trappings of rhyme and rhythm offered great freedom in writing
    Granted I still rhyme quite a bit but I have added more to my repertoire


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