I am very angry

The Examiner took away my payment for my article this week because they said that my content was not “locally relevant,” when it was.  Those lying, cheating S.O.B.!  Sorry for the bad language, but this is the exception that proves the rule.  Of course I am mad, and angry, and livid! 😡 They pay me only $1 per article for being “locally relevant,” meaning that I include Fresno in my article, and now they want to take away what little they give me as payment, like scraps from a rich man’s table.  And that $0.01 per view is outright robbery!  I would quit if I could, but there aren’t any jobs around here… 😦  Not to mention, there is another Examiner who is my competition, the Fresno Books Examiner, and the Examiner lets her get away with everything.  She breaks the rules, etc.

Natalie Gorna