More migraines and a surprise…

Well, my general malaise may have receded, i.e. the sneezing, runny nose, etc., but I have been having very severe migraines recently that continue to cause me to be nauseous and vomit.  It is sad but true…the surprise is that yesterday I got a new haircut!  My hair now reaches to the bottoms of my ears, or, to be more specific, my ear lobes.  I like wearing my hair short, not long…less complicated that way.  😉  Well, since I am still feeling poorly, I will quit this entry now, but on a last note, I saw the trailers for the new films The Clash of the Titans and The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.  The films sound…epic and exciting, and like very typical action “flicks.”

Natalie Gorna

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