Reflections on my health, humanity, and coffee

My sneezing, my runny nose, congestion, and my headaches still prevail in the most negative sense.  So, last night I had one of my infamous migraines, the kind that puzzles doctors.  On a “pain scale” of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most severe pain, I would rate my migraine as a 9.  Ouch.  I felt like someone was drilling holes into my skull and I wanted to scream endlessly.  Can you imagine how difficult it is to sleep in the car, i.e. be homeless, and be not able to lie in bed and rest when you are sick or in severe pain?  Yes…my mom and I were forced to be homeless, due to the unjust actions of others.  I am not going to dig into the past and describe how it happened, but it will soon be almost a year since it occurred.  Can you believe that?  A year of living like a nomad, with no rest, no peace?  It is like being in prison.  I could be in the military after what I have endured.  Military efficiency is legendary for being able to survive horrible conditions.  You will not understand until you have to wash your hair in the icy water of a public park’s sink, or go every morning to a different store just so you can wash your face and go to the restroom.  I have gone through this.  Supposedly, hardships make you stronger as a person, but my soul, my heart, my mind, and my body feel weaker.  I am bitter, pessimistic, and I daily curse humanity.  I curse my fate to belong to such a cruel and uncompassionate race.  I wish I could be free of my outer shell, and that my soul could escape in the shape of a bird.  I hate being chained to this planet.  I look at society, and I see only insanity.  George Bernard Shaw once remarked (like the cynic and satirist that he was) on the the possibility of aliens/intelligent life somewhere in the universe.  It is impossible to directly quote him, but he said something along these lines: if there is other intelligent life out there on another planet, than this planet (Earth) must be their insane asylum!  Ha!  How true!  You only need to look beyond what you are accustomed to seeing, and try viewing the human world from a different perspective; then you will see the truth of what I say.  Aren’t the ideas of “jobs,” “cars,” “houses,” and “human society” pure madness?  All creatures on this earth must survive, but humans invented this “survival” that we all are forced into.  In reality, I don’t need a job; I simply need to survive.  I talked about this before, I think…this topic will be pursued by me in another blog entry in the near future.  But now I must stop…I am still not feeling well enough to vehemently argue my point. 

Just a last note from me on home and herbal remedies for headaches and migraines…I checked the active ingredients in migraine painkillers, and one of them is…caffeine?!  So, this morning I had some coffee to soothe the after-effects of my migraine.  I am pleased to say that the coffee worked.  So next time that you have a migraine, have a cup of coffee or black tea, with or without milk, creamer, sugar, etc.  Well, now to my deliberation on whose novels to review next…

Natalie Gorna

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  1. Slava March 23, 2010 / 00:50

    I wish you to get better as soon as possible. Take care, Natalie.


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