Today’s reflection

Religion has turned into a business, like health care.  The original motives have been lost in a storm of greed and hypocrisy.  Money is on the minds of clergy and churches.  What kind of world is this, that priests and ministers want donations, not devotion, from their congregations?  That even believing in God has a price?  I look at a Catholic church today, and I see a marketplace, with the highest bidder as a winner.  Salvation is a free gift with a monetary donation to the Sunday mass’ collection.  Confession to a priest is a replacement for true penance, a “quick absolution.”  People are hypocrites thronging into a church on Sunday to do obeisance for the “one day of rest”, but then they repeatedly slap God’s face by sinning extensively the 6 following days of the week.  And then there is their instant cure, “confession”…do Catholics really think that God is blind and they can deceive him like that?  That He is unresponsive to their hypocrisy?  Maybe the deepest truth is that Catholics do not believe in anything at all…Catholicism is a mask they wear for the crowd.  That is what I have seen and experienced.

Just a note…I published my 28th article today on the Examiner!

Natalie Gorna