Of course health care is a business

If you go into a doctor’s office here in the U.S. (when you are in a terrible state of malaise) and ask to see a doctor as soon as possible, the receptionist/nurse will look at you and say, “May I see your insurance card?”  Not a second glance to the misery of your present condition…money is the steady topic in a doctor’s office as opposed to the health and well-being of the patients.  I know this from personal experience…I was having one of the worst migraines of my life, and I had to call 911 based on the advice of a nurse.  When the paramedics got to me, they kept questioning me about my age, my insurance…I was in severe pain, like someone was nailing the inside of my skull.  You can imagine my anger at such treatment.  “Do not kill” is the Hippocratic oath all doctors must take upon becoming physicians.  The film John Q. with Denzel Washington covers the dilemma of health insurance and doctors who are more concerned about their salaries than their oath.  I don’t disagree that doctors that doctors should be paid for their services, but the 6-figure salaries that they accumulate every year and the outrageous price of health insurance (which, I believe, is one of the stupidest ideas ever created by man) are outright robberies.  Let’s face it…many people became doctors for the salary alone, not some instinctive need to help sick people.  The health care industry counts on humanity to accept that their 3 billion dollar corporation is “non-profit.”  This is a serious crime.  The entire health care industry is taking advantage of people’s ignorance and dependence on quick solutions to pain.

Well…this is a complex topic, and I cannot hope to cover all sides of the argument.  I published my 25th article yesterday on the Examiner, and thus I completed my three-part series about Ancient Greek playwrights. 🙂

Natalie Gorna

2 thoughts on “Of course health care is a business

  1. Slava March 2, 2010 / 14:27

    I heard that when you call 911 in U.S. it’s better for you to say what exactly you need, otherwise you are going to meet medic-cars, police-cars, fire-cars and lots of other cars. Yeah, they will be fast to come, but your money will fast as well to fly from your purse 🙂


    • Natalie Gorna March 2, 2010 / 16:53

      I did say what I needed, but the paramedic car not only took half an hour to get to where I was, but they were also pestering me by asking me constantly about my insurance information (they asked me at least 3 times for the same info). The same happened to my mom when she fainted; the paramedic car took 30 min. to arrive, and they were so obese that they had problems to get through the door. The whole inquiry about insurance occurred too… 😡


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