One favorite musician?

I do not have any particular favorite musician or song.  I have many favorites, as in everything that I like; for example, my favorite musicians and songs vary, from artists such as Celine Dion, Abba, and Celtic Woman, to the motion picture soundtrack of The Phantom of the Opera and the Broadway cast recording of the musical Wicked.  All of my likes and dislikes carefully define me.  Of course, some of my preferences may change over time, so that would not be a solid definition of my soul or my personality.  But the literature that I admire…those preferences will last forever. 🙂

How can one define a human being?  Lemony Snicket said in The Grim Grotto (volume#11 in A Series of Unfortunate Events) that there are two options here.  You can either classify every person as good or evil based on their behavior and actions—please, no patronizing reminders of the Bible phrase, “Judge not, and you will not be judged”—or you can settle for the commonly accepted idea that every person’s soul/personality is like a salad, with good traits and bad traits mixed together.  That is the easy road, to think that you can dismiss someone’s sins or crimes like that.  The fact is that judgement is necessary in life.  Prejudice is a twisted, ugly form of judgement.  I am talking about good judgement.  Every human should have good judgement and a solid conscience.  Whether people actually have these two things or not is another story, which is already told by escalating crime rates in the modern world with the apparent lack of freedom and justice that has resonated from the beginning of humanity.

Natalie Gorna