Good-bye, Grooveshark…

Unfortunately, the direct link to my page on Grooveshark (My Music) does not work anymore, so I am permanently removing it from my blog.  I am sorry about that, but it is not my fault that Grooveshark updated their system.  No more will my readers have direct access to my music library… 😦

I will only have a RSS feed on my blog of some recent favorite songs that I have added to my library on Grooveshark.  It’s not the same, though.  Of course, you can go to, enter my username (musicismysoul) in the search box, click on the “People” tab, and find my library that way.

Big news on the literature front!  I emailed Lynn Cullen, the author of I Am Rembrandt’s Daughter, and I asked if she would comment on my article on the Examiner, and…she did!  She liked my article!!!  And she is going to link my article to her own websites, plus she asked me to review her next novel, The Creation of Eve, which is coming soon.  I am very happy and pleased by this whole event! 🙂  Finally, some recognition! 😉

Natalie Gorna

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