A Polish recipe…

I don’t feel like writing today, so here is a Polish recipe instead, provided by a friend (thank you!).  By the way, I published my 20th article today on the Examiner. 🙂

Natalie Gorna

Poppy-seed cake (Makowiec):


Yeast’s cake/1 packet of yeast

35 dag of flour

7 g of yeast

2 dag of sugar

100 ml of milk

6 egg yolks

7 dag of butter

Poppy-seed filling:

40 dag of poppy-seed

8 eggs

30 dag of sugar

1 bag of vanilla pudding- a kind of dessert made from milk, sugar and starch-you can substitute 2 tablespoons of starch

5 dag of honey

20 dag of nuts and raisins

2 tablespoons of rum

grated peel from 1 orange


Submerge poppy-seeds in boiling water, then grind them 3 times in a food processor.  Mix the yolks of the eggs with sugar and add them to the poppy-seeds, next add the nuts and raisins( before that submerge raisins in boiling water and wait a few minutes).  Then add honey, rum, starch, and grated orange peel. In the end, add egg whites (stiffly beat).


Mix milk (milk should be a little warm), 1 tablespoon of flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar and yeast.  Wait until the yeast rises (about 5 min.).  Then add to it the egg yolks.  Add the rest of the flour and the sugar, then add equal amounts of melted and cold butter.  Mix this all for at least 10 min. until the cake is not sticky and elastic to the touch.

Roll the cake flat into a rectangle and put the filling on top of it.  Then roll it up.

Bake in a 180 Centigrade oven for 40 minutes.  You can decorate it.

P.S. “Dag” stands for “dekagram” (a unit of weight).