Uh-oh…Valentine’s Day?!

A photo of the elegant egret by Mila Zinkova


Well, I will recap on yesterday’s highlights. 😛  I saw an egret by St. Anthony of Padua Church on the lawn;  of course, I had to say hello to the elegant creature.  I did some quick sketches…nothing spectacular, but I do like drawing birds as well as watching them.  It is just another hobby of mine, like so many other things. 🙂  I also published my 19th article on the Examiner yesterday.       

Oh dear…today is Valentine’s Day, when people give candy, hearts, chocolates, and those annoying Valentine’s Day cards/e-cards to their significant others.  When I was a kid, it was all about the candy.  In elementary school they would make us kids give anonymous Valentines, with or without candy, so that there would be no favoritism.  I liked getting the candy, but not the cards…I know that sounds cruel, but when you’re a child, you can’t understand romance, or those Valentine cards with “Be mine” scribbled all over it. 😛       

Now that I am an adult, I can only see that the “gifts” that sweethearts give to each other on this “holiday” are meaningless.  I mean…candy hearts and chocolate?!  Even if eating some chocolate is good for one’s health, giving someone candy to say “I love you” or “You mean so much to me” does not sound appropriate.  Flowers are better.  In earlier centuries, each flower had a different meaning, a different connotation in the “language” of love…with a red rose connoting the phrase/feeling “I love you” or a yellow rose signifying that the gift-giver is only interested in friendship.  However, this blog is not a “Hidden Messages in Flowers” class, and I am not a good teacher. 😛       

Instead of buying fancy presents (books would work for me, though), people should show their love in actions, not gifts or cards, although buying a present is an action.  But seriously…I am reminded of something that the writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said.  Love is not just a feeling…love is not two people looking at each other, but two people looking in the same direction, at the same point.  Perhaps it is so…      

Just something to ponder. 🙂 Well, I end my entry today with links to 5 ultra-romantic songs: 

  1.  All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera
  2. You Sang To Me by Marc Anthony
  3. I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You with Marc Anthony and Tina Arena
  4. Love Theme (Romeo and Juliet) by André Rieu
  5. I Love You by André Rieu

Until next time… 🙂       

Natalie Gorna