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Well, to start, I finished The Da Vinci Code on Sunday.  I am preparing to write an extensive review for an article on the Examiner, but it will probably be published next week, since I am in the middle of a linked series now.  All I can say is that The Da Vinci Code is a typical bestseller, written in a fast-paced style with murder, mystery, and controversy mixed together in a series of events that happen in a matter of hours.  Besides, a bestseller is just a book that has been widely purchased by many. many people; whether it is good or bad, only the reader can decide, and that decision is made after he/she has bought the book, or has checked it out from the library for free like me. 😛  Of course, someone can resort to reading the book in a local bookstore too (if that someone can manage it).  The truth is that The Da Vinci Code tries too hard to be convincing and make the average reader belive that what the author has conjured is true.  How would anyone know if Dan Brown’s “research” is accurate or trustworthy?  The Roman Catholic Church and the rest of Christianity angrily scowled at Brown’s presumptive theories and published a number of contra-argumentative pamphlets and books to prove their disgust.  The real question here is if maybe everyone, including Christianity, took Brown’s novel too seriously, like with the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.  It is, after all, a novel.  A controversial novel exposed to the gullible public…but the Church must be insecure in retaining its members if it believes that entire congregations will lose their faith after reading one novel.  Yes, they could argue that erroneous material must be publicly rejected and contradicted, but this…is…FICTION.  This novel belongs to the “fiction” category.  So do the Harry Potter books.  And, by the way, there are many children’s books that contain fantasy and atheism, but the Church happened to pick this series to pounce on just because it was a bestseller.  PLEASE. 😮  I haven’t seen any contra-argumentative pamphlets about the Twilight saga or the modern youth’s fascination with vampires and werewolves.  I am sensing contradictions here…

If you are wondering, I was raised Catholic.  But I am now a “non-practicing Catholic” who only adheres to two beliefs: monotheism and the immortality of the soul (meaning that there must be an afterlife).  I really like Plato’s philosophy and treatises, and I have to admit that I admire some of Jesus Christ’s teachings, meaning that, yes, I do read biblical fiction (like The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth Speare, The Big Fisherman and The Robe by Lloyd Douglas, etc.).  The Catholic Church itself, with its members, “the Body of Christ,” and its priests have…persuaded me through their unjust actions toward me and my mother (to say the least) that they believe in nothing, and that I do not want to belong to a hypocritical, selfish, and unjust sect. 😡

This entry is longer to make up for my periods of silence for the past weeks.  I will be publishing my 17th article today on the Examiner…

Natalie Gorna

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