My soul

Well, I am steadily reading The Da Vinci Code.  No comments yet… 😉 

Just a few things to say about my Grooveshark/music account that have changed…before, the songs were all simply listed with the title, artist, and album in order.  Now, you can click on a particular artist or album and then see all the tracks that I have in my library by that artist or from that album.  It’s great, and more organized than before.  A few more favorite artists…Celine Dion, Celtic Woman, Josh Groban, and Marc Anthony.  The songs that I have in my library by them fill up my soul, and help me feel better when I am hurting.  I hope that doesn’t sound corny.  I can’t explain how music is such an influence on me.  Music is my spiritual anchor, something invisible that reaches into my heart and makes me feel…passionate…stronger…more alive.  It expresses things, sentiments that cannot be explained in simple words.

Natalie Gorna