Brief humorous moments

Despite the present sadness in my life, I can still see some comedy hidden in everyday life.

I noticed a father with his baby in a park.  The baby was swinging in a swing (the kind only meant for babies), and the father was pushing the swing…while talking on his cell phone.  Well, I thought that it was a funny situation. 😀

There was another comic scene at the post office, when my mom and I glanced at one of the passersby.  When he saw us looking at him, he stuck his nose up in the air and strutted on his way like an insulted peacock.  We couldn’t help laughing.

Of course, melancholic reality hits me like a sudden wave.  I realize that the “funny things in life” only last for a moment, and when the moment has passed, reality’s tear-streaked face haunts my thoughts, warning me of the negative things ahead.

Natalie Gorna