Something that I love

This morning the weather in Fresno was an exact replica of the thick foggy conditions in a scene of The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Hopefully the sun will decide to come out from under this blanket by the afternoon.

I like to feed birds and watch them eat.  Yesterday in a parking lot my mom and I gave some bread to a group of blackbirds who were searching for a morsel of food.  I like the way they sit in the sun and warm themselves.  The birds eat the bread with such eagerness; they must be starving.  There aren’t almost any trees left in Fresno, so the birds choices for food are very limited.  Seagulls sometimes join the blackbirds in their feast.  However, the food chain rules, and when the seagulls do come, the blackbirds part the way and leave, giving the seagulls first choice.  It’s the same with the division of the classes.  Rich people take the best things, while the poor are stuck with the worst.  At least the seagulls leave some food for the blackbirds…

Natalie Gorna