Some people were born rude.

I was in a store today with my mom that we visit often, quietly sipping a coffee and tea samples that this store provides every day, when, suddenly, a “security guard” and a store employee approached us and told us that we cannot stand there and drink coffee.  My mom pointed out that we were not standing there, just resting for a moment, and that when the coffee and tea area had been littered by other store customers before, no employee or security guard had come to them and scolded them.  But they decided to pick on us.  Why?  The “security guard” and employee didn’t say why.

It is behavior like this that makes me want to delve into my favorite books, movies, or music and try to forget that I have to live in this world which is filled with indecent, rude, nasty, and corrupt people.  There are books, one entitled The Holy Bible, that state that God creates a soul for each person when he/she is born.  It’s an incredible belief, which means that I personally do not believe it.  Were people born mean and rude, with twisted, evil minds and souls?  I have rarely experienced nice, friendly behavior from anyone.  Everyone in this world is someone’s child, right?  But one cannot always put all the blame on parents for their children’s behavior.  People still choose to keep acting and choosing the way they do after they have reached adulthood and are out of their parents’ control and influence; as everyone says, we humans have free will.  I can only imagine what life would be like if all humans were immortal.  Tuck Everlasting, a book by Natalie Babbitt, is an excellent example of the realities of immortality, and how death can be a blessing, and not always a curse. 

I end today’s blog entry with a sigh of hopelessness and despair.  Humans claim to be the rational species on this planet, endowed with free will and reason.  But Lloyd Alexander in his novel, The Cat Who Wished to Be a Man, was right: humans have misused and destroyed all the gifts that they have been given. 😦

Natalie Gorna