I prefer herbal medicine…

Disgusted by pharmaceutical drugs, I decided several years ago to bravely open a new chapter in my life by beginning an independent study of herbal medicine.  Here in the U.S., herbal remedies are looked upon with a mixture of fear, impatience, and disgust.  “Busy” American workaholics have only time to pop pills into their mouths when they are sick; they have no patience to wait 10 minutes for an herbal infusion (herbs &  boiling water) to reach maximum strength in order to drink the “nasty-tasting” concoction and be cured of their ailments.  Secondly, the F.D.A. (i.e., the Food and Drug Administration) has not yet approved herbal medicine as being in fact medicinal or safe.  Each person must take the risks, the same as with chemical drugs from the pharmacy.  What few people know is that herbal remedies actually work and are very safe (safer than pharmaceutical drugs), as proven by my research and safe experiments, as well as the research and insights of licensed naturopathic doctors and herbalists.  I will be discussing this topic in more detail in future blog entries…

Natalie Gorna

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