Time travel…

The idea of traveling through time is fascinating.  I wish I could hear Cicero’s orations first-hand in pre-A.D. Rome, meet Julius Caesar, or speak with Herodotus about his travels and discoveries instead of standing in line at the grocery store.  Sometimes I daydream about being a governess in 19th century England, or a warrior during Medieval times while searching for jobs on the Internet.  The very concept of being able to escape from the boundaries of this present century, an era of technology and turmoil, to a different, purer landscape, piques my imagination.

There are many theories about time-travel, which are discussed throughout different media, like the novels A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, to the film Somewhere in Time and the modern TV series Lost.  Scientifically, the 4th dimension called time theoretically exists but we are yet to find out how to “travel” through it.  Will it be like walking in the 3rd dimension of space?  Or will it require a machine or advanced technology?  The only “time machines” that we have today are books.  They are quite safe :), and when you decide that you want or have to return to this bleak reality, you can do so easily.  I have used this mental escape route/method of time-travel many times and I can vouch for its safety and efficiency.  I have befriended the characters in the books that I love, and the settings with their respective time-frames are so familiar to me.  When I become nostalgic, I can simply re-read my favorite novels and visit the past.

However, my curiosity always remains.  What would real time-travel be like?  And if, in fact, we could travel through time, would I be able to bring along a map, a dictionary, and a water canteen?  Just in case…

Natalie Gorna

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