Where is true friendship?

What is a friend?  There are so many definitions and answers, the number of which is overwhelming­.  My personal definition is…

A friend is someone who will stand by you no matter what, and who will never, ever betray you.  A friend will be sympathetic when you are sad or lonely, caring when you are in pain, helpful when you are in danger or in need.  Most of all, a friend will never forget you or hurt you.  True friendship is a unity of minds, sometimes of souls.  It is eternal, a lasting bond that is not easily broken.  I am still searching for this kind of friendship, but it is so hard to find…enemi­es are easy to find.  Finding a true friend…it’­s like winning the lottery.  Once you’ve won it, your life is changed forever…

Euripides also defined true friendship in a similar way: “Misfortune shows you your true friends.”  I have experienced hardship in my life up to this present moment, and, to my dismay, Euripides’ saying has proven true again and again.  I long for the true friendship that I read about in my favorite novels; the characters’ loyalty and devotion inspires me, but no matter how hard I have tried to reach out to other people, I have always ended up alone or hurt by them.  My books are my faithful companions instead. 

I am waiting for someone (not a character out of a story) to prove to me that such a friendship can exist in this world and is fact, not just fiction.

Natalie Gorna

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